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In a pea green boat, an owl and a pussycat sail across the sea, for a year and a day, to where the Bong-tree grows. Adventure calls, new encounters await and love conquers all in a nostalgic journey and irresistible blend of romance and nonsense.

The Owl and the Pussycat is a enchanting and intimate theatrical experience, based on Edward Lear’s beloved childhood poem. This charming children’s work melds live performance, puppetry, operatic vocals, acoustic music and experiential theatre inside a giant green boat and immersive landscape. Created specifically for children 4-10 years, this interactive journey inspires, educates and enthralls by inviting children, alongside their families, carers and teachers, to participate in musical and multi-sensory ways to help our lovable couple reach their destination.

This national collaboration of female artists and arts professionals, including Penny Challen (Opera Q Project Puccini), Alicia Cush (Opera Q, Circa), Kathryn Marquet (La Boite, QTC, Pale Blue Dot), Bridget Boyle (debase productions) and Lisa Cheney (Making Waves, MSO, TSO), will create a landmark musical work for children that encourages imaginative thought, uses tactile learning, and explores the universal themes of love, harmony and acceptance.

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Live Music

Very young - 4 years and under
Early Primary - 5-8 years
Primary 9-12 years
Family - Suitable for the whole family

Venue Format
Theatre (boat is set on the stage)
Black box venue

Touring party 
8 (6 performers & 2 crew)

Available to tour
From 1/10/18 - 20/12/19

70 mins no interval (including workshop)

Max shows per week
Max shows per day

Bump in
Either a same day open or second day open (depending on set up)

Cost Range
$2,500 - $4,000/performance